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Lindenwood - Women's Rugby
Lindenwood - Women's Rugby mobile


JULY 16TH - 19TH
9:00 AM, Monday
PICK UP: 6:00 PM, Thursday
RESIDENTIAL: $300 per Camper
COMMUTER: $150 per Camper
AIRPORT SHUTTLE: $75 per Camper

Starting in 2006, Lidnenwood University has established itself as a leader in American Collegiate rugby through strong resources in coaching, facilities, recruiting, and training. The Lindenwood Rugby experience is now available to all rising high school students distilled into a four day action packed summer camp. Students will live and eat on campus, and train under the guidance of the Lindenwood coaching staff and their guests.

After attending the camp, students will understand what it takes to compete in the upper echelons of the collegiate game while improving their core skills and tactical knowledge. Our aim is to deliver all of these wrapped in a memorable summer camp experience that will be challenging, fun, and rewarding.

AIRPORT SHUTTLE | BOTH WAYS: Campers should arrive after 12:00 PM on Sunday and depart after 5:00 PM Thursday .