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Lindenwood - Women's Rugby
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JULY 18TH - 20TH
9:00 AM, Saturday
PICK UP: 12:00 PM, Monday
RESIDENTIAL: $450 per Camper
COMMUTER: $350 per Camper
AIRPORT SHUTTLE: $40 per Camper

FRIDAY CHECK IN: $100 per Camper

Students will work with the coaches and athletes of the national championship winning men’s and women’s Lindenwood rugby teams over a fun and intensive three-day rugby crash course. Students will engage in age-appropriate activities that cover the skills, techniques and strategy that make both rugby and Lindenwood the best around.

Whether staying on campus or commuting, students will have an inside look at the life of a high-performance collegiate rugby player. Training demands, scheduling, tactics, and life off the field will all be addressed through our award-winning staff and players.

Many students from our previous camp were able to show their stuff and are signed in this year’s upcoming recruiting class. Whether you are interested in playing at Lindenwood, just sharpening your skills, or collegiate rugby as a whole, there’s a spot for you at camp.

Students will engage in multiple on-field training sessions a day and team meetings designed to engage students in the areas of college life, mental skills, or leadership.